59th St Andrew’s Day Festival Symposium: Updates on Acute Medicine

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh 11 Queen Street, Edinburgh

Overview Places in the auditorium are full. Bookings will now be placed into an overflow room in the College which will show the live webstream of the symposium. If places become available in the auditorium, these will be filled on a first come, first served basis from those booked in the overflow room. Please do […]

Trends in wearable technologies: Towards the Star Trek tricorder

Dr Ali Yetisen is a Senior Lecturer and an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. In this interactive webinar, he will illustrate a plethora of current and future wearable sensor technologies, and help you sort fact from fiction. Wearables as medical technologies are becoming an integral part of personal analytics, measuring physical […]

COVID 19 Engineering through the Pandemic

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were a professional development engineering group working within Mayo Clinic developing novel devices to treat patients and advance medical research. Even when the pandemic began, we thought it would be business as usual, except that some of us would be working remotely. We were wrong. We had issues we had […]

The Interplay between Dance and Engineering

Athena Pagon (Columbia University): As a dancer, choreographer, and budding biomedical engineer, Pagon kept pace with her coursework remotely while continuing to engage with a range of extracurricular groups, including the Caribbean Students Association, the National Society of Black Engineers, and Orchesis, a student-run dance organization open to lifelong performers and newcomers alike. With her […]